Our services

We create, provide and manage a very wide range of ICT solutions and services.
We achieve this by investing in outstanding talents and by developing imaginative and turn-key/end-to-end offers.
This enables us to accompany our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their projects, from network infrastructures all the way to applications, with a view to reaching their goals and improving their performance.

Our level of services

Technology and business consultancy

Strategic partnership

Evolving markets, corporate mergers and ongoing development of processes: often, changes in processes give impetus to revising strategies and behaviors. Axians advises and supports you in welcoming externally induced process changes, and in planning and implementing new strategies. As your reliable partner, we make sure that your strategies can be gainfully sustained well beyond implementation.

Optimization of existing processes

We focus on complying with your corporate culture, business processes in place, and existing ICT environment. In our opinion, IT not only supports a business, but also acts as a catalyst for the optimization of existing processes. Therefore, we support CIOs and management teams in analyzing, planning and implementing new ideas. Our years of experience and holistic approach in program and project management ensure that even complex tasks are clearly defined, well planned and implemented smoothly.
We work in close cooperation with you to define your IT strategy and optimize the procurement of hardware and software components.

Project organization

Thanks to our local presence and thorough knowledge of a variety of industries where we operate, Axians makes the precise analysis of requirements the initial step of every project. This is key in designing a roadmap that is shared with the customer, to make sure that all their requirements are properly addressed. The relationship between Axians and our customers is managed through a single point of contact, with the responsibility of managing all aspects of the project and deliverables: timeframe, budget, technology options, scalability and overall management of the implementation.

Proven reporting tools are leveraged to help with the proper project implementation, so as to increase customer satisfaction through delivering up-to-date visibility on work progresses, even for remote projects.

Design and construction

Selection of relevant equipment and resources

Though a comprehensive offering, that includes maintenance services for multiple technologies, Axians has built up valuable expertise in ICT. Such expertise provides exceptional knowledge to select the resources that best fit a customer’s requirements.

Tailored solutions – Design

Business consultancy and technical surveys constitute the core of Axians’ historical business. Such services offer full visibility on how organizations use and leverage technologies. This is the right path for benefiting from customizing solutions rather than accepting unsuitable commodity products. Customization requires to question the project appropriately: what are the technical, human and budgetary constraints? What are the relevant solutions? Axians provides the appropriate answers as the result of targeted missions:

  • Audit (survey, technical feasibility, recommendations) and assistance to project owner
  • Survey, assessment and selection of the most relevant technologies
  • Technical and functional specifications
  • Training
  • Financing

Solutions and systems design and integration

Step-by-step process monitoring

As the project design step is completed and appropriate resources are selected, Axians will be involved throughout the development of an ICT network infrastructure, indoors and/or outdoors.
For example, when deploying mobile networks, Axians can leverage the expertise of property negotiators in charge of identifying the right plots and elevated points that help provide wide mobile coverage expected by a mobile service provider for a specific area. They also manage all construction and operations agreements with landowners, with the goal to achieve the best performances.
Axians can carry out all civil engineering works required to set up a passive network infrastructure, as well as networks themselves (cables, access points, antennas …). Axians can also cater to auxiliary infrastructure such as power supply, air conditioning or alarms that guarantee optimal operations of the deployment.
At each step of the project, Axians manages and coordinates with all technical teams that may get involved. From heavy handling and lifting (crane operations, helicopter transportation, nacelle…) to electrical compliance certificates, Axians delivers in an efficient and rigorous way, while ensuring safety for all goods and workers.

Deployment and commissioning

Tailored solutions – Implementation and integration

Axians has tied up strong partnerships with ICT vendors and has earned many certifications from them that provide evidence of the highest levels of expertise when it comes to integration.
Integration projects turn successful only if proven methodologies are implemented. This requires paying attention to the early survey and consulting stages, then integrating the different modules that give birth to your solution:

  • Integration and configuration of the technology constituents of your solution
  • Proof of Concept, to validate the relevance of the solution
  • Implementation
  • Acceptance testing
  • Training and support to users

Knowledge transfer is a priority and will be achieved to help users improve their expertise.

Pre-operations management

Communication networks integration

Axians provides all required services, from project planning to specific developments, add-on applications, integration testing and PoCs. Axians leverages a proven methodology to integrate all technologies required for communication networks.

Storage integration

Storage often relies on multivendor environments, as businesses call upon the expertise of different players to support their increasing requirements in storage. Axians’ goal is to help those businesses regain visibility across their environments, by banking on an integration process that extends the life of existing storage resources while maximizing their rate of utilization.

Managed services & support

Maintenance and operations management

Change is permanent in IT and must be welcomed and managed to make your IT solutions sustainable. Axians offers a range of services that extends the lifecycle of resources and increases the performances of your ICT infrastructure.
Axians provides all required services that help customers meet technology changes and also maintain existing systems.

  • Support and monitoring services, managed services
  • Proactive and curative maintenance
  • On site or outsourced operations
  • Facilities management
  • Performance management

We design a service offering that is specific to each customer, dependent on the in-house level of expertise, the budgetary constraints and other operational requirements (maintenance in the field, business systems, troubleshooting, ToIP, messaging systems, VPN, as well as reporting on servers and applications).

Network supervision

Any system failure could have a heavy impact on business processes and even make them unavailable. The Network Operations Center (NOC) is Axians’ nerve center in the organization that proactively fixes such failures, before it can have any impact on users. The NOC is available on a 24/7 basis, to monitor networks, proceed with maintenance tasks and upgrades, or even recover from network and application failures. This monitoring can be deployed on site or remotely.

Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement spells out the level of quality that applies to support and maintenance services provided by Axians. Each agreement is specific to a customer, his environment and his requirements. Yet, they all share the same goal: outsource to Axians all network monitoring operations. This is achieved with confidence since customers benefit from a regular reporting that puts them in control of their infrastructure.

Management of network performances

Monitoring of network events, availability of testing, load and error simulation, and more: Axians can carry out all operations that ensure top-notch performances for business processes, and that all customer requirements are met.

Cloud: on-demand, flexible and high-performance services

Axians offers IaaS, Paas and SaaS options, delivered from public, private or hybrid clouds. Self-provisioning and pay-as-you-grow models are available for a wide array of services, and are all based on automated billing.