Banking & Insurance

In a fast-changing industry, digital evolution and transformation offer new possibilities for improved quality of service and customer satisfaction. As Internet access is now made available on smartphones and tablets, and with IoT becoming commonplace, banks and insurance companies must rethink the way they deal with their customers. This interaction today leverages multiple channels, and the concept of an omnichannel approach has become a reality for players in the banking and insurance landscape, and stands a way to earn a competitive edge.

ICT at the heart of customer expectations

In the service industry, responsiveness and flexibility are competitive assets. They also encourage customer satisfaction and have a positive impact on the bottom line.
From managing customer claims to processing requests for financial transactions, Axians designs and integrates scalable ICT solutions that boost efficiency and profitability in call centers and for CRM platforms.
Whenever service platforms need to be upgraded, or routing and storage infrastructures require more scalability, Axians will capitalize on its experience and best practices to manage best-of-breed and profitable solutions. Axians will stand by you to help you make the most from the digital revolution.

Key solutions and expertise for the banking & insurance market

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayMake call centers more profitable
This is achieved through optimized management of inbound and outbound calls and customers’ records, by tightly integrating communication tools with business processes. Axians offers Unified Communication and customized solutions to track the activities of your call center.

1920x1240-blackImprove customer experience at the branch level
Dynamic display, interactive terminals, videophones… Axians offers an expansive panel of audiovisual solutions to strengthen your brand image and better welcome customers in branches. Through secured and shared guest access, or making multimedia content available, we implement mobility solutions that help connect your customer to a powerful experience.

1920x1240Always-on services
How about capitalizing on the ubiquity of communication networks that help reach customers through a variety of channels: at the branch level, but also on smartphones and tablets? Dematerialization, reporting, big data analytics: these will help you build a customized experience that will let you personalize and differentiate your offerings.

1920x1240-blackPowerful collaborative platforms
Axians helps you make your customer representatives more productive, at their office or on the go. Boost your flexibility by using high-performance tools that encourage collaboration.


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