Anticipating expectations of guests so as to serve them better is a key challenge. Information Technology makes it possible to personalize any accommodation offering. The capacity to streamline the booking process and the availability of quality WiFi and Web services stand today as key differentiators.

Personalized services for the hospitality industry

To ensure quick return on investment, Axians has designed flexible and profitable communication solutions that help hotel managers sell their services better, and serve their guests satisfactorily.
Our engineers can design end-to-end and personalized solutions for your hotel or resort, by leveraging our experiences learned throughout Europe.
As a single point of contact, Axians designs solutions that are convergent on a single IP network, enabling any voice, data, or image traffic to be moved in an integrated and smart way, and according to your environment.

Key solutions and expertise for the hospitality industry

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayImprove guest welcome and comfort
With Axians, hotels can improve the overall accommodation experience through IPTV services with enhanced VOD and content personalization, dynamic displays in lobbies and common areas, as well as wireless access for their guests.

1920x1240-blackTap business customers by offering inventive services

Axians designs innovative systems for professional events: video conferencing solutions for convention centers, directional audio technology for a personal experience, as well as modern and comfortable stage layouts.

1920x1240Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized services
Axians enables hotels to provide personalized services to their guests through the integration of voice, data and video solutions, premium applications and services, and IPTV delivered on demand.

1920x1240-blackReduce operating costs and capital expenses

Axians can play a key role in managing a hotel, thanks to 24/7 managed services, centrally-managed automation solutions for buildings, and telephony services integrated with business applications.

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