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By enabling simple and rapid access to information, digital technologies unveil new opportunities for the design, management and delivery of multimedia content. To optimize user experience over the long run and offer additional services, interactivity must be enhanced through innovative and differentiating communication medias

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In museums and exhibition halls, visitors are looking for a fun-filled and insightful experience. Audiovisual equipment and servers that deliver content on demand encourage curiosity among visitors, through feature-rich content that helps understand exhibited masterpieces. Axians offers museography solutions that make curriculum content even more valuable. You can therefore promote knowledge acquisition, even for self-guided tours, and engage visitors through HD multimedia displays or interactive kiosks.
Media & Culture players are also looking into new sources of revenues and into making visitors more involved. One way to achieve this is to provide content customized for tablets, smartphones, PCs and TVs. This helps reach out to a larger audience, but also generates challenging peak traffic. Axians offers hosting and managed services to tackle this challenge and improve the digital experience of customers.

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How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayInnovative staging that highlights museum collections and exhibition halls
Through an appropriate sound system, LED screens, video projectors linked to content servers, and other such multimedia equipment, Axians provides an enhanced visitors’ experience.

1920x1240-blackConference halls revamped through powerful communication tools
Attractive and user-friendly communication devices and materials make it possible to better share ideas. Axians offers its customers a brand new experience with immersive videoconference solutions, as well as touch-screen systems for remote online meetings.

1920x1240Improved experience across all devices

Content hosting platforms, logging and storage of video content, IPTV, application servers: Axians offers all services to make your content available on a wide array of user devices.

1920x1240-blackHighly available, reliable and interactive multimedia content
Through a 24/7 hotline, or onsite intervention of technical staff according to agreed SLAs, Axians offers support services specific to your organization, that ensure customer satisfaction during events and shows.

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Axians supplied, wired and rolled out an automated filming system in seven committee rooms at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France.
Axians also installed a local control room and developed a camera management interface to film speakers from different angles.
The project has been up and running since the end of 2014. From now on European citizens will be able to watch meetings of the parliament by simply logging on to the Internet.

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