Transport & Logistics

A reliable transport system is vital to our communities, as they help people commute to and from their social, professional and leisure activities, and help in the movement of goods, thereby contributing to streamlining manufacturing operations. They also have a major public utility role in promoting the redistribution and fair dealings between territories. Information and communication technologies bring a wide range of solutions to the transport industry to deliver on their promises.

Our services for transport & logistics

For transportation via road, Axians offers ICT solutions that help manage traffic: monitoring of infrastructure, traffic management and user information that help make routes more reliable, and be able to predict travel time.
For railways, our solutions and services help monitor devices and systems deployed along the path to monitor the network, traffic security and operations as well as traveler’s information.
Axians also supports airports that need to upgrade their ICT infrastructure to support their growth, open up to new destinations and welcome new airlines.
In the cargo and logistics industry, process optimization is essential to increase productivity. Information systems play a vital role in route and fleet planning, inventory optimization and predictability.

Key solutions and expertise for Transport & Logistics

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayInterconnect the transportation system

For road and railway means of transportation, the systems that monitor and organize traffic rely on a huge number of devices placed along the tracks. Axians deploys and maintains specific broadband networks (including GSM-R networks) that monitor such devices in real time.

1920x1240-blackOperations management and support

Axians deploys and maintains a multiservice network for transport operators willing to personalize their offering to travelers’ expectations, ensure the punctual operation of their transport system, connect their teams in the field, and ensure proper operations in ticketing systems.

1920x1240User information for secure traveling

Axians leverages video surveillance to improve travelers’ safety. Our solutions deliver travel information (guidance, travel times, incidents) displayed along routes, in airport and even remotely on the user’s smartphone.

1920x1240-blackConnected mobility
When traveling, users access online services that require broadband performance. Axians deploys 3G/4G networks for service providers, as well as WiFi networks for transport operators.

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