Broadband Networks

With each passing day, the global demand for bandwidth keeps growing exponentially. Subscribers want to upload their work to their head offices, watch high-definition video on demand and play online games, while businesses generate loads of traffic related to machine-to-machine communication… At the end of the day, everything must be connected to everything, everywhere. This is where broadband networks prove their worth.

What is it for?

  • A scalable network infrastructure to allow services providers, carriers and ISPs deliver their broadband services to subscribers and end users.
  • Premium capacity, coverage and bandwidth to deliver a reliable technology for supporting the growing demand for broadband services, and their impact on the development of societies and economies.
  • Enablement and delivery of ICT services for new markets and new applications, and also to support developments in existing technologies across various industries: healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing and more.

Our solutions

Axians provides turnkey solutions for any deployment scenario, from business consultancy, planning and design, to network component integration and provisioning. Axians offers a variety of broadband technologies to services providers, public and private businesses, as well as local authorities:

1920x1240-blackComplete solutions
Fixed-line solutions are nowadays mainly based on FTTx networks, and on a combination of copper and coaxial links. Merging passive infrastructure with active components, we provide a complete solution to help end users/subscribers access their services, and utilities manage their smart grids, water plants or gas distribution networks.

A solutionEfficiency within range of all businesses

Mobile and radio networks support any requirement in mobility. We are the experts in commercial mobile access – 2G, 3G and 4G – and also in networks like TETRA, dedicated to safety and/or industrial applications. Our portfolio also hosts TV and radio broadcasting systems.

A solutionIndoor & Outdoor coverage

To meet the demand for proper coverage and high quality of service for dense areas – stadiums, offices, resorts or malls – Axians delivers indoor coverage solutions for mobile and WiFi access.

A solutionTransmission networks

In core and backbone infrastructure, Axians offers transmission networks, either wired or wireless, from point-to-point short-distance connections for businesses to redundant multipoint networks for service providers.

The Axians benefits

Thanks to Axians’ turnkey process, we offer speedy execution in deployment: customers have rapid access to their services and can manage them efficiently.


We combine knowledge in project management, engineering skills and experience in broadband technologies together with a robust financial background.

Efficiency and continuityEfficiency and continuity

We deliver solutions which are tailored to customers’ current needs, and that can also be easily extended in case of a technology upgrades. We can anticipate customers’ interests, and manage deployment in areas with high demand to yield effective payback on investments. Being aware of the importance of business continuity, we perform change/add/remove operations with minimum impact on the quality of service.


Broadband solutions serve ICT segments, but also other markets. A network can be used for traditional purposes, but it can also scale various applications in different industries.

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