A unique Managed Private Cloud Service to transform your traditional IT into a Service Center.

Axians vPack offers the opportunity to focus on your core business and helps you to migrate to the cloud with agility, flexibility, high availability and pays-as-you-go

The benefits

Improve mobility and usability
The Cloud made simple

Only vPack provides everything in one package. You do not need an army of administrators to build and run your IT. The management, the support and the lifecycle are integrated. Focus on innovation not on maintaining the status-quo, while keeping cost under control.

Improve mobility and usability
Increased flexibility and scalability

With vPack, you reduce drastically the time to deliver what your users and customers expect. You can rapidly setup your private/hybrid cloud infrastructure and scale your environment to meet your changing business demands. vPack allows IT department to propose as-a-service offers to their internal customers.

Improve mobility and usability

With upward and downward scalability, you no longer need to worry about miscalculating your investments as you are billed for the resources you use each month.

Improve mobility and usability
View real time consumption and usage

You can monitor in real-time the consumption and usage of your private cloud. Our portal easily provides chargeback/showback to your internal customers.

Improve mobility and usability
Reduce your stress level

vPack keeps your data under your control in your Cloud : you always know where they are and you can benefit from all features of the cloud.

Improve mobility and usability
Free in-house resources

Because maintaining an IT Infrastructure requires experts, you can rely on Axians team to provide 24/7 monitoring/support and you are guaranteed 99.99% platform availability. We also offer a wide range of services to complete vPack offering such as managed backup or DRP and OS lifecycle management.

How it works

Axians vPack includes the full range of private cloud functions: automation, data processing, storage, networking, management and virtualization.

The principles underpinning vPack design and scaling are as follows:

Baseline configuration

vPack solutions start with a baseline configuration, which includes lifecycle support.

With the baseline configuration, the core elements are installed in a rack in the form of a vPack, with rack space available for subsequent scaling of processing and storage capacity.

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Extensive upgrades available to fit your needs

The vPack baseline configuration can be extended by upgrading the processing, storage and network components.

Component extensions include servers for data processing, additional port modules for network functions and disk packs, with the option of tiering for less active data or high-capacity storage.

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Best-in-class integrations

Configurations are integrated and validated by Axians, which defines them in accordance with the best practice recommendations of our partner hardware and software manufacturers to meet your requirements.

We regularly test these configurations to determine variations in processing and storage capacity as well as performance levels and increase them if required.

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Full control and flexibility

You define the estimated number of virtual machines and their load/disk space, number of users and their usage and we design the right private cloud solution for your current expectation and future change.

Case study

vPack brings peace of mind for Easiware teams

Easiware decided to invest in an entirely new IT architecture. As well as ensuring a completely smooth and transparent migration for end-customers, the challenge was to keep to budget while delivering enhanced quality of service and optimum availability.

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Improve mobility and usability
The urban community of Dunkerque reduces its costs with vPack

The urban community of Dunkerque chose the Private Cloud Solution vPack, for the 24x7 management of its IT.

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Improve mobility and usability
vPack protects Scarmor’s information system

Scarmor, part of the E.Leclerc retail group, has chosen the vPack solution from Axians to manage and protect its data in a backup-as-a-service (BaaS) approach.

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Improve mobility and usability
Capitaine Houat chooses vPack to manage its DRP

Capitaine Houat, part of the Intermarché retail group, has chosen vPack and the Axians managed services solution to manage its data recovery plan (DRP).

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