As digital technologies go mainstream, online commerce has become a major distribution channel. Retailers are faced with new challenges. In order to compete against pure players in m- or e-commerce, they must henceforth focus on enhancing customer experience in-store.

New ICT strategies for retailers

From sourcing to customer relations management at the point of sale or online, information systems remain a true performance driver throughout the value chain.
Axians offers a large set of IT services to fit the requirements of retailers. By unifying communications and business applications across all systems, decision making is made simpler while infrastructures are set more productive.
Furthermore, as standards and regulations are changing, premises and buildings open to the public must ensure their compliance. Through deploying emergency failover networks, Axians helps you enhance the safety and comfort of your visitors, while complying with applicable regulations.

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayIncrease sales through new services delivered in stores
Enhancing the in-store experience of your customers through secured WiFi solutions brings value to your cross-channel retail strategy. Axians provides advices and technical expertise at each step leading to this goal.

1920x1240-blackOptimize the supply chain and inventory management
Improve your sourcing by buying at the right moment and making your product available at an attractive price-point. By integrating business applications into your network environment, Axians simplifies real-time processing of your data and helps you meet your business goals.

1920x1240Analyze buying patterns for efficient sales actions
Management of products, improved self-service experience, sales promotion, loyalty programs, customized and targeted in-store advertising through dynamic display: Axians deploys and supports state-of-the-art geolocation services to help you optimize product merchandizing in stores.

1920x1240-blackImprove staff productivity and customer satisfaction
From the warehouse to your sales halls, you can permanently be in touch with your teams and your customers. With Axians’ mobility solutions, switch to collaborative work platforms that are seamlessly integrated with your communication tools.

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